Beautiful bird formation caught on camera

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In trending news this morning, beautiful video show a flock of birds dancing in the sky, and a New Jersey couple get married in a bathroom.

First up, a flock of starlings were caught on camera in southern Israel dancing in the wind. Experts say the birds fly safely in numbers and change their collective shape to confuse would-be attackers. They can even create a sudden breeze with their synchronized movements, which can cause a hawk or falcon to fall flat on its back.

Also trending, a New Jersey couple was supposed to get married inside the Monmouth county courthouse, but things took a turn when the groom's mom had an asthma attack. Sheriff's officers started administering oxygen to her from a women's restroom and told the couple it was critical to keep her there.

Instead of postponing the wedding, an officer suggested they join the mom in the restroom and tie the knot. So, they did just that! Apparently the mom and the newlyweds are all doing great.