Belton: Students take trailer full of donations to Franklin

Published: May. 18, 2019 at 3:53 PM CDT
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A group of students from Belton High School traveled to the city of Franklin on Thursday, bringing a trailer full of donations.

Marcus Ake started the donation drive nearly two weeks ago to help tornado victims.

“Really makes me feel good that I was able to give back to a community. It was hard in the beginning just getting it out there, but once people found about it there were so many people coming and willing to help,” he said.

From diapers to non-perishable food items, students from Belton High School and Franklin High School unloaded the trailer.

“The reoccurring help that we’re getting is a super huge blessing. We’re super thankful the help that Belton provided with us today. It’s just a huge thank you from us to them,” said Brent Buckley, a Franklin High School student.

A big thank you coming from those who need the help.

“Feels really good that our community and our school together could come together and donate as much as we could," said Belton High School student Phillip Guardilla.

After unloading the donations at the high school, students took a trip to the hard-hit area of the city. Debris still remained where homes once stood.

“No matter what you go through, you’re going to have obstacles in your life so it’s really important to get through those. It helps so much when you have people around you willing to aid you and getting through those obstacles,” Ake said.

Buckley says the experience has taught him that anyone can make a difference in their community.

“Before this tornado, I think for me, it was ‘we’re 17, we can’t do that much.’ Clearly now, like, if we come together we can do anything. We’re unstoppable," Buckley said.

Franklin High School’s student council will take the donations to the Franklin Food Pantry.

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