What to buy (and skip) on Black Friday

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In trending news this morning, we've got the inside scoop on what to buy and what you should steer clear of this Black Friday. Plus video of some real-life 'Robin Hoods' in Houston and the unique World Series bling some Houston Astros are wearing.

First up, Thanksgiving weekend is coming up, which means Black Friday shopping! Nerdwallet has some tips on what to buy, and skip, on November 24th.

The group says you should dig into your pockets for Apple products, electronics, gaming system bundles and home appliances. But you might want to wait to buy toys, Christmas decorations, bedding and outdoor essentials. Experts say those items will have better deals once winter strikes and into the New Year.

Also trending, Houston police released surveillance video of three armed men robbing a Shipley's Do-Nuts last month. They stole money and customer's cell phones. But here's where things got a little weird.

The men steal donuts and pass them out to customers. Houston Police say crime is never acceptable, even if it comes with free doughnuts!

Lastly, Houston Jewler Johnny Dang a-k-a "TV Johnny" is in the process of making World Series grills for the Houston Astros players. 8 of the custom grills are done. And they say "world champs" on them.

The grills themselves are made from 18 karat gold and each one takes about 5 hours to make.