Blinn College plans emergency drill for Wednesday

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Blinn College is having a large scale simulated emergency drill Wednesday morning.

The FBI and DPS along with local agencies will be on hand for the simulation.

"It is to make sure that if there is a large-scale emergency here on the Bryan campus that our first responders and our emergency personal are as ready as they possibly can be for it,” said Blinn Communications Director Richard Bray.

The drill begins Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m. and the college says those who live nearby may hear gunshots that are blanks and will see a large law enforcement presence on campus.

“It’s something that Blinn College takes seriously, and it’s something that we want to be proactive with,” said Bray.

The college says it is simulating an active shooter scenario and trying to make it as real as possible so law enforcement has the chance to work together in realistic settings.

"We will have volunteer actors form the college community who will be participating as victims, possible good guys, and possible bad guys,” said Bray.

All to make sure that if something ever happens on the campus, they will be prepared.

"This is a large-scale campus that requires planning for a large-scale emergency. In the event that the worst happens, we are ready to go,” said Bray.

Signs will be posted around the campus to remind the public of the drill, and the college asks the public to stay off-campus Wednesday morning.