Blowing Bubbles: High pressure slides east, cooler outlook

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex (KBTX) - Almost there!

What has seemed like a very long (for many reasons), warm month of March, is coming to an end early next week.

Most days we've seen above average temperatures. We'll see a switch back closer to "seasonable" by the weekend, and we'll begin April on a much more refreshing note.

But first, we need to get the big "bubble" of high pressure to move out of Texas!

We can thank the jet stream for this quick taste of summer. An upper level ridge of high pressure has briefly set up over the state of Texas, pressing air down, and keeping surface moisture from rising. This leads to more sunshine and hot, humid afternoons.

Typically in the summer, the jet is even farther north, and any "ripples" or disturbances often pass well north of Texas, leaving us in a hot, dry, and humid pattern.

This next trough will thankfully bring us some much cooler air, and a chance for rain and storms coming up this weekend. This Pacific is slated for Saturday.

Two things to mention here: Coverage of rain/storms looks to be scattered, to the tune of about 40-50%. We're also monitoring a low end severe weather threat, that would mainly come in the form of strong wind with some of the more rowdy storms along the front.

While it would be a good idea to be weather aware (especially around midday Saturday) this shouldn't be a rain/storm chance that wrecks the whole weekend of outdoor plans. Once the front passes, the strong storm risk and rain chance will go along with it, and we'll have a breezy and eventually chilly finish to Saturday.

We'll get better high resolution data in the next day or so, where we'll be able to more confidently nail down the exact timing and impacts of that rain chance for Saturday. Bottom line: Unlike last weekend, this should be a relatively quick rain chance, leaving either end of the weekend on the dry side.

Our next shot at rain comes as early as Monday, potentially as late as Tuesday. Another cold front will keep afternoon highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s through the end of next week.