Boxing program helping people with Parkinsons Disease

Published: Nov. 15, 2018 at 10:17 PM CST
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More than one million people are living with Parkinsons disease; that includes people in the Brazos Valley.

Rock Steady Boxing, worldwide boxing program has recently come to the Brazos Valley to help those battling the disease.

"These folks have been exercising for about four months, and I've seen tremendous changes in all of them," said Cindy Conte, with Rocky Steady Boxing College Station.

Janice Crockett has been in the program since it started back in July. She was diagnosed with Parkinsons nine months ago.

"I thought I'm at the age now where maybe I don't have my balance very well or I get tired more easily and then I found out these are symptoms of Parkinsons," said Crockett.

The classes focus on improving balance, flexibility, endurance and building core strength.

"One of the things with Parkinsons is that your movement slows down and boxing our coaches they make us go fast and that improves our motion," said Davis Zipps, a participant.

The workouts are done three times a week at TITLE boxing club in College Station on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The classes start at 12 p.m.