Boy calls 911 on Grinch, gets surprise from police

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In trending news this morning, a boy calls the police on the Grinch, plus Spider-Man saves Christmas, and an animatronic President Trump makes his Disney debut.

First up, a young boy from Mississippi named Tylon got a little nervous about Christmas after watching a video about the Grinch, so he called 9-1-1 to report that the Grinch was going to try to steal Christmas!

The police decided to play along. They had one of their officers dress up as the Grinch himself and let Tylon lock him up. Officers gave Tylon his very own police hat. He says he has a plan in case the Christmas crook does show up. He'll wrestle the Grinch and hold him until the cops show up.

Also trending, the official suit Tom Holland wore in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' was recently auctioned off for $41,000. On Monday, 90-percent of that money was donated to the Marine Toys for Tots program in Pasadena, California.

Spider-Man himself handed over the check. He showed off some of his super-hero stunts and even helped Santa wrap presents that will be donated to those in need.

Lastly, Walt Disney World is reopening its "Hall of Presidents" exhibit in Orlando. A new animatronic version of President Trump is debuting at the attraction.

All American presidents are represented in the attraction and each one delivers an address. Mr. Trump personally recorded his remarks exclusively for Disney, which is something every sitting president has done since the 1990's. Many people are criticizing the look of President Trump's animation, saying it looks more like the actor Jon Voight than it does of Mr. Trump.