Brave Californian rescues wildlife from fire

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In trending news this morning, a California man doesn't let the flames stop him from saving a fury new friend and residents in Taiwan were treated to a potentially record breaking rainbow.

First up, as wildfires continue to spread across Southern California, one man braved the flames to help animal. The good Samaritan pulled over along the highway to save a wild rabbit from being scorched.

You can see the man hopping around trying to wrangle the fury creature. Fortunately he able to get his hands on Thumper and presumably get him to safety.

Also trending, a low-hanging rainbow was on display over a city in Taiwan for nearly nine hours. It was caught on camera by teachers and students at the Chinese Culture University in Taipei.

They're hoping it can break the world record for the longest-lasting rainbow. Which, according to Guinness, currently stands at six hours. That record, set in Yorkshire, England, has been in place since 1994.