Tech giants partner with Brazos County Sheriff's Office

Published: Oct. 12, 2016 at 6:49 PM CDT
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The Brazos County Sheriff's Office says it's working more efficiently than ever thanks to state of the art technology.

Brazos County says it has the only sheriff's office in the nation with its own wireless network. Technology giants like Panasonic, Motorola and Sierra Wireless have headed to the Brazos Valley to test their latest first responders’ technology.

"With the exception of a few things, we can process most of a crime scene from a patrol car,” said Deputy Sheriff Josh Hearen.

Hearen showed News 3 their newest gadget, one made by Sierra Wireless. It looks like a block, but the device is actually a big router that allows deputies to seamlessly connect to the fastest network so they can receive and send information almost instantly.

For Lt. Thomas Randall, it means he can help deputies on scene more quickly.

"I am able to then monitor what's going on in the field without having to drive 25 to 30 minutes to that particular call. I can actually log in and see what's going on live from my desk," said Randall.

Watching surveillance cameras, filing reports and looking up information on suspects are all key parts of law enforcement's jobs. This used to require calls or trips to the station, but now, their car is truly their mobile office, allowing them to perform all of the tasks from the field.

Deputy Sheriff Hearen says being able to work from the field makes the agency more visible in the community.

"We can be a deterrent while simply doing a report we just took, or we are typing a report we just took, and that's a benefit for the community,” said Hearen.

Hearen was invited to speak at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference this weekend where he will talk about the technology they've put in place in the Brazos County.