Brazos County approves resolution to help with funding for better roads, parking

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) -- A solution to traffic and congestion issues in Brazos County may be on the horizon. The Brazos County Commissioners Court approved a resolution that would create a Regional Mobility Authority that group will help with funding for better roadways and parking facilities.

Congestion in Brazos County is growing four to six percent each year. With more construction on the rise, the need for better transportation also increases.

"All of those things take a lot of money and it's a lot more money that the Brazos County people could afford to do, so we needed to look at other ways that we might be able to seek out grants," said Brazos County Judge Duane Peters.

One of those solutions is creating a Regional Mobility Authority in Brazos County that would allow more funding and a new approach for developing projects.

"Transportation and mobility is all about quality of life: how much time you spend in traffic, how safe you are getting to and from where you need to go…it's key for economic development," said Steve Aldrich, Brazos County Commissioner, Precinct 1.

Aldrich and a team of others worked on this proposal for a R.M.A for over a year. The group will be a mix of citizens with a variety of backgrounds, all with the same goals.

"It's local people with a vested interest in the quality of life in our community working to address issues that we can do more and better," Aldrich said.

The R.M.A. could mean better roadways, transit systems, bridges, and parking facilities. Aldrich says it gives more visibility to Bryan/College Station.

"If you don't have the appropriate transportation infrastructure and mobility within your community, it's difficult to become the community you want to," Aldrich said.

Both Bryan and College Station mayors, Texas A&M University, and Blinn College are all in support of this proposal. The next step is for TxDOT and the Texas Transportation Commission to review and issue an order to create the R.M.A.