Brazos County flower farm hit hard due to freeze

Published: Nov. 1, 2019 at 4:44 PM CDT
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A local flower farm's season is wiped out after Friday morning's frost.

Basecamp Farms near Millican is taking a big hit after temperatures there dropped to 30 degrees in an early-season freeze.

Fields of flowers were blooming one day and dead the next.

"Our first frost is usually around Thanksgiving, around November 28th and this one came four weeks early which is very detrimental to us. We lost about $10,000 worth of floral product last night, "said Georgia Monroe of Basecamp Farms,

"Normally it's really pretty but this is just all the frost damage from last night and so it just made it very limp," she said as she walked around the fields of dead flowers.

"We had frost everywhere and as you can see we had flowers the flowers had frost all on them so we knew it was a lot worse than we had planned for," she said.

They have greenhouses that saved crops for next year but everything outside died.

The day before sunflowers stood several feet tall before being zapped by the cold. Now they need to be mowed down.

"We normally sell wholesale to florists. We sell to many of the florists in Bryan / College Station. We also have flash sales and you pick here at our farm so obviously we're done right now. But in the spring of 2020 we'll be back," said Monroe.

She and her husband Jordan are only in their second season growing flowers.

"And I feel like we've experienced it all now so we had extremely wet winter last year. Last winter was really wet before that we had 16 weeks of drought during our first summer," said Monroe.

"We're hoping to triple our production this next year so those are all big lessons for us," she said.

Despite the loss, they remain hopeful.

"Farming is very optimistic so we're ready to pull ourselves up and get ready for 2020 so that's just part of the risk that we take," said Monroe.

The farm will getting some new flowers in the ground in the coming weeks. Monroe believes some selections in town may now be limited due to the freeze.