Breaking down the House Democrats' fight to get Pres. Trump's financial records

The battle continues between House Democrats and President Donald Trump over President Trump's financial records.

The more Democrats push, the more President Donald Trump resists. (Source: Gage Skidmore/U.S. Coast Guard)

This week, a federal judge ruled in favor of House Democrats seeking the president's financial records from Deutsche Bank and Capital One.

Monday, another judge ruled that Democrats could process with a subpoena of the president's records held by his long-time accounting firm.

At the same time, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin dismissed an IRS memo that states it is mandatory for the IRS to turn over President Trump's tax returns unless the president exerts executive privilege.

The House Ways and Means committee requested the president's tax returns in April, but Mnuchin didn't comply with the request, citing Treasury and DOJ policy that there must be a legitimate legislative reason for requesting the president's tax returns.

Mnuchin has said the committee doesn't have a legitimate reason.

Kirby Goidel is the director of the Texas A&M Public Policy Research Institute. He joined First News at Four to break down the back-and-forth between House Democrats and President Trump over the president's financial records. See the video player above for the full conversation.