Brenham business hosting local branding conference

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Your business can tell its story most effectively through the management of its branding, spaces and people says PlanNorth Architectural Co.’s founding partner who spoke at one of the nation’s leading conferences for business and is bringing that expertise to the College-Station area.

Katie Burch, Aggie alumna and principal architect of PlanNorth, advises this storytelling starts with uniqueness. “Your brand has its own personality. How are you going to introduce your brand to others and show off what makes your business special?”

She will be sharing this expertise during the “Branding Your Business” workshop at The Stella Hotel Sept. 28 from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. in a hands-on training exercise for business leaders in the region. The workshop will review the latest in branding research and help leaders evaluate their own business as it relates to their facilities, website and customer interactions.

Attendees will leave with a binder full of information regarding the latest knowledge on vetting properties, a business branding framework document, a facilities assessment plus a 2-hour post-meeting one-on-one conference.

This comes after Burch’s expertise was featured in a TEDx event and in local to national press. During the talk, Burch advised leaders to treat your best employees with total confidence and the freedom to do what they wish for business success.

“If you can grant your top workers just a little bit of freedom to navigate this over-saturated world that we live in of demands, then they will give you total focus and bring your business success,” she says.

Burch says most businesses can break down its workforce into the 80/20 percent range – 20 percent are the top employees who outperform the 80 percent. To achieve the best business results, learn how to hire and manage the 20 percent because they are hungry, smart and intrinsically motivated, she says.

PlanNorth Architectural Co., is located Brenham, Texas, and was founded in 2010. It has multiple projects throughout Texas including churches, nonprofits and businesses. It has developed sites for Coldwell Banker, Hyundai, The Youth Development Center’s Educational Facility in Houston’s Fifth Ward, and more. It has been featured in local to national publications including Grit Daily and HR Dive, part of Industry Dive, one of the fastest-growing media companies in the U.S. reaching more than 3 million business leaders monthly.