Brief tornado warning issued for Houston County Friday night

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LOVELADY, Tex. (KBTX) - The 8pm hour of Friday night brought Southern Houston County a tornado warning, just as the the sun was setting for the day.

A small, nearly stationary thunderstorm formed with the last of the heat of the day on the Madison / Houston / Walker / Trinity County line during the 7pm hour. That storm, roughly 5 to 10 miles south of Midway created a small area of heavy rain and the occasional lightning strike. Overall, your generic, garden variety type of summer thunderstorm.

Just before 8pm, an outflow boundary -- a brief wind shift pushed out from a nearby thunderstorm -- collided with that small isolated thunderstorm. Once these two microscale features merged, a severe thunderstorm quickly intensified and started moving into Southern Houston County at 20mph.

The tornado warning was issued due to indications of rotation on radar, by the National Weather Service in Houston. That rotation was noted two miles northwest of the community of Weldon, along FM 230 in the southwest corner of Houston County.

What is most interesting about this thunderstorm / tornado concern -- the rotation was noted to be spinning clockwise. Most tornado activity occurs in a counter-clockwise motion. The effect of the outflow boundary being ingested into this thunderstorm may have had an impact on which direction the rotation occurred.

By 8:30, the tornado warning was allowed to expire and was replaced with a severe thunderstorm warning due to the possibility of 60mph wind and hail up to the size of quarters.

Houston County law enforcement confirmed penny size hail fell from this thunderstorm near FM 230, about three miles north / northeast of Sorghumville. A few power outages were reported by the county sheriff, but as of Friday night no damage was noted.