Bryan woman says her apartment is a living nightmare

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - A Bryan woman is describing her living situation as a nightmare.

Misty Jackson moved into the Forest Park Apartment Complex back in June. She says she had a number of maintenance issues immediately.

Jackson and her family are currently living with a collapsed ceiling in the bathroom, a leaking roof, and mold.

"It started with the AC then a plumbing issue. Then after that the plumber came in. It was like eight o clock at night when he came in and he broke a pipe in the wall and water went everywhere. I had about three inches of water in the house," said Misty Jackson, a resident at the Forest Park complex.

Jackson's biggest concern is having three young children in the apartment. Her daughter suffers from seizures, and Jackson says they've gotten worse since moving in.

"My daughter has to sleep on the couch because she can't sleep in her room. And then you just have to take that chance on that black mold. It is just not a good thing for you to inhale period."

Jackson says she's sent numerous emails but has not received a response. A representative for the complex has been out to see her apartment but nothing has been fixed.

"I've paid almsot 1,600 dollars to live in half of a house. My daughter can't go in her room at all the flooring is not done at all. We're living out of two rooms, a living room, and one bathroom paying for a three bedroom two bath apartment," said Jackson.

Jackson hopes speaking out will also help other tenants.
She is asking for a credit on her rent and for the issues to be fixed.

KBTX reached out to the owners of the complex but have not received a response.