Bryan City Council approves infill lot developments

The Bryan City Council unanimously approved a pair of programs to help develop old vacant lots for single-family homes.

The City of Bryan is looking forward to making the most of the empty lots scattered around the town. Bryan has over 300 vacant lots and city officials see this as an opportunity to aid in growing the city.

The City of Bryan Development Liaison, Frank Clarke, says the city of Bryan needs affordable housing and there many lots that can fulfill that need.

“It will also revitalize those little neighborhoods it’ll bring these younger family’s into these older neighborhoods who have older couples, it’ll bring them back to life,” says Clark.

One part of the program involves the city buying empty lots. The other part of the program is that the city will offer home builders incentives to build the home, and prove occupancy within a year to receive a 25 percent refund of the purchase price.

Victor Drozd, a home builder in Bryan believes this program can bring more low-cost opportunities to the city as well.

“I think it could be a positive for the building community and also the residents of Bryan. It should allow us to build more affordable houses on those lots,” says Drozd.

According to the City of Bryan, the homes will range around 140,000 dollars and 170,000 dollars. They will also be built on lots that already have the essentials. The city says that about 129 out of the 300 infill lots meet the criteria of being build-able, having utilities, and being a good piece of property.

“You have these older infill lots, they have utilities already there, the streets are already there, and the sidewalks are already there on most of them,” says Clark.

The city will begin buying up the empty lots in the next few months and look forward to developing these lots into livable single family homes for the residents of Bryan.