Bryan City Council gets update on police racial profiling

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - During Tuesday afternoon's workshop, the Bryan City Council got an update on racial profiling within the city's police department.

More reporting requirements went into place after the Sandra Bland Act was adopted in 2017. Last year, the department had three racial profiling complaints. Two were determined to be unfounded and the third, exonerated.

Dr. Alex del Carmen, an outside consultant, reviewed the data and briefed the council. He told KBTX that Bryan PD is setting an example other departments should follow.

"The conditions are set forth in this police department that they are adhering to the professional standards, they're doing everything right," said del Carmen.

"They're doing everything to try to prevent it and negate it from taking place. Through my evidence and through my data, I don't see any signs of racial profiling at all," he said.

Police Chief Eric Buske said he is confident in his officers. The department said they investigate every single complaint brought to their attention.

Council Member Prentiss Madison brought up the idea of having complaint cards at City Hall so that people could have a separate option besides going to the police department.

Officers also hand out compliment or complaint cards during interactions with the public.