Bryan ISD focusing more on community involvement

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX)- Bryan School board is focusing in on a new community outreach plan to increase family and community involvement in Bryan ISD.

"The Community and Family Engagement Plan is a compilation of strategies put together by community members to proactively engage with our community," said Huge Ibarra, the Community Engagement Coordinator.

Since Ibarra took over the position this past summer, making sure the entire population including Spanish-speaking families understand and are informed properly has been on the top of his list.

"We just believe that it is critical that we are able to communicate our message or whatever it is that we are trying to communicate with our families in the language that they will understand ," said Ibarra.

Overall, Ibarra said they idea behind the plan is to meet the educational needs of every student while improving communication with Bryan ISD families, students, community members, business owners, and other local organizations.

"Our goal is to have a set of guidelines that would strategically allow us to access and address different aspects of the community," said Ibarra.

According to school officials, about 20 percent of the student population are english learners.

"We do have a population of Spanish-speaking families here and we do want to help translate and get out the messages that they need to know in their language," said Ibarra.

The new plan addresses growing the district's volunteer program by diversifying volunteer opportunities, systematically training parents and staff on topics that impact the community's needs and demographics, and to ensure communication and feedback between families and Bryan ISD.

School officials say they have already started to implement a few programs, including partnering up with local radio stations and news papers like La Vos Hispana and Radio Alegria.

"The radio stations are also helping us get critical information out and we plan on doing even more with them as well as other organizations in town," said Ibarra.

Other ideas they hope to expand on include participating in more cultural events int he community like Fiestas Patrias.