Former bank employee accused of taking thousands from couple

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX)- On Wednesday the Texas A&M University Police Department arrested a woman for crimes that date back to last December.

Marissa Garcia of Bryan is now out on bond after being charged with theft.

Garcia worked at Prosperity Bank on Longmire Drive in College Station where investigators say she had access to an elderly couple’s bank account.

According to police records, bank management learned through an audit that Garcia had allegedly taken money from a customer’s account without their permission.

She’s accused of using their bank information to create a Venmo and PayPal account, two popular money transferring services.

Detectives say she used those accounts to transfer the couple’s money into her own personal bank account. Garcia is also accused of making an $800 payment on her credit card using the couple’s money.

Police say the grand total stolen was $3,000.

Caleb Russell, a local financial advisor, says there’s a way to help prevent this from happening.

"You've just got to be aware of your bank account weekly, daily, just making sure you're tracking where everything's going,” said Russell.

After it was made clear that the couple did not authorize these transactions, Prosperity Bank fired Garcia and contacted College Station Police.

"Those few bad eggs end up making it hard on everybody, that are really doing well for their clients, that are doing good for the industry, that are putting people first that are acting as fiduciaries,” said Russell.