Bryan attorney thinks Brazos County bonds are too high

Published: Jan. 24, 2020 at 5:53 PM CST
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When you’re taken into custody in Brazos County, your bond is left in the hands of one person.

“It’s all determined on what the judges think they see fit,” said Gage Gandy, owner of Gage Gandy Bail Bonds.

Defendants can go to bondsmen to get out of jail.

“When we post a bond, we ensure their appearance in court,” said Gandy.

If they show up to court, the defendant pays a 10% fee to the bondsman.

“If they don’t, we have to put them back in custody or pay the bond,” Gandy said.

Bryan Attorney Lane Thibodeaux thinks bonds are way too high in Brazos County.

“In misdemeanor cases, you’re going to see bonds no lower than $2,000 and as high as $4,000,” said Thibodeaux.

This all depends on where your permanent address is and the crime.

Thibodeaux has down his own research and said that compared to surrounding counties, that rate is exceptionally high.

“Compared to other counties around the state who typically will set bonds from $500 to $750, we are an outlier,” said Thibodeaux.

Thibodeaux said he only feels this way about certain cases.

“In misdemeanor cases involving possession of marijuana, some DWI cases and criminal trespass cases,” said Thibodeaux.

Thibodeaux said if they meet specific criteria, he has a solution. He said the officer could cite and release the person.

“I think a personal recognizance bond should be issued,” said Thibodeaux.

Gandy said they set a monetary amount, but the defendant basically signs themselves out.

This means they don’t pay anything; they just have to show up in court.

Thibodeaux goes into more detail in his blog – you can find the link in the related links section.

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