Bryan students learn math with the help of Pokemon and technology

Published: Mar. 9, 2018 at 6:15 PM CST
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In Kayla Garner's fifth grade math class at Rayburn Intermediate School, students rarely remain sitting for long. Garner enjoys it when her students are out of their chairs, moving, and most importantly, learning.

"They want to move around," says Garner. "They don't want to be stuck in a seat. They don't want to be stuck with a worksheet."

Garner says technology like tablets, smartphones, and laptops in the classroom help her do just that.

Inspired by the app Pokemon Go, Garner invented a similar activity where the students can catch their favorite Pokemon, like Snorlax or Pikachu. All while learning how to read from a graph and completing math problems.

When students answer the questions correctly, their tablets let them catch a wild Pokemon by scanning the tablet to a QR code.

Garner says with this technology, the limits are endless. Because of this, her classroom sometimes appear a little out of order, but she likes it that way.

"As a teacher I have to honestly let go of the control a little bit," says Garner. "And realize, hey my class is getting loud, but it is okay because they're talking about the learning. They are moving around but that is okay cause it is helping them to learn."

Bryan Independent School District says when it comes to technology they hope to create a collaborative classroom. All the while, letting students get comfortable with the new technology in a responsible way.

"Our students have access to technology all the time," says Jana Wenzel with Bryan ISD. "Leveraging those tools and those resources that are out there and available for learning is going to be a positive, absolutely positive."

The most impressive part of all this? The teachers say they've never seen students so focused the day before spring break.

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