New details: Bryan daycare says it will be open Tuesday

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BRYAN, Tex (KBTX) – A Bryan daycare is closed after state officials shut down operations Friday.

The Texas Department of Health and Human Services says Kiddie Academy on Copperfield Drive failed to comply with minimum code standards.

Licensing officials say the daycare was given nearly 20 citations since receiving its permit to operate in 2018. Many include issues with background checks, health and safety hazards, and infant care concerns.

Some of the citations include cleaning supplies not being in the proper area out of reach of children. One reported a daycare staff member used physical force to grab a child and make them sit down. Another report stated a staff member forced a child to lie down by pushing the child's head into a mat.

Citations for any childcare facility are available to the public online at

A spokesperson for the daycare says the facility will reopen Tuesday morning. He says their closure Monday is for owners to work with state and local officials to ensure their business continuity.

At 6 pm Monday a law firm representing the daycare sent KBTX the following statement:

Last Friday, August 16, 2019, at around 5:00 p.m., Kiddie Academy of Bryan was handed a letter from the District Director of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, Child Care Licensing Division (“THHSC”) in Austin, Texas. Kiddie Academy of Bryan was informed by the THHSC agents who were at the Bryan campus that Kiddie Academy of Bryan was closed. That information was contrary to what the actual letter stated. The letter made no mention about the Bryan campus being closed and, in fact, it said there are fifteen days from the date of the letter to appeal the issues raised in the letter through an administrative review hearing.

However, before an appeal could be made, Kiddie Academy of Bryan was told by the THHSC agents that it had to close. Such action is contrary to the law and violates the due process rights of Kiddie Academy of Bryan. No one was available at THHSC for Kiddie Academy of Bryan to express its vehement disagreement for being closed, as it was after 5:00 p.m. on Friday. Because of due process rights have been violated and Kiddie Academy of Bryan had not had an opportunity to rebut the allegations in the letter, it was forced to go to court today, August 19, 2019, to seek are straining order against the THHSC.

The court today granted the restraining order which prevents the state from shutting Kiddie Academy of Bryan down. Thus, Kiddie Academy of Bryan will reopen on Tuesday, August 20th, for regular business.

Kiddie Academy of Bryan looks forward to being able to defend itself from the allegations levied against it.

Kiddie Academy of Bryan is a local family-owned business who cares deeply about our community. The Kiddie Academy team remains committed to sound leadership decisions, mitigating deficiencies, aligning with local licensing bodies, and ensuring the trust of each family is maintained. As an organization, there is nothing more important to our client than creating optimal environments for the children in its care, and their families. It is our client’s life’s commitment.


Roy Brantley
Donald Delgado
West, Webb, Allbritton & Gentry, P.C.
Attorneys for Kiddie Academy of Bryan

KBTX has not been able to independently confirm the court order.