Bryan doctor speaks out after being reprimanded by Texas Medical Board

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - A Bryan doctor is being reprimanded by the Texas Medical Board because they say he misdiagnosed and mistreated patients.

"I feel like a dolphin in a tuna net," said Dr. Michael Ruggiero, of the Aggieland ADHD Center.

For the last four years, Ruggiero says he's been dealing with the Texas Medical Board after a complaint for improperly prescribing medication. In October, he had to surrender his federal drug enforcement permit.

"That involves my ability to prescribe medicines on the controlled substance list," said Ruggiero.

According to online documents from the Texas Medical Board, Ruggiero did not meet the standard of care in his prescribing and treatment of 15 patients.

"I have enough research and data and endorsements in the field that say no I'm doing right, but they were all discounted," said Ruggiero.

Ruggiero also believes the board is coming down on him because of the opioid crisis in our country.

"I'm prescribing medicine that's in the same class as opioids. The board order has never specifically mentioned the medicine I'm using, more so they say I am prescribing controlled substances," said Ruggiero.

Now, Ruggiero says he needs to start over.

"About 98% of the patients that I had been seeing for the last ten years I can't provide their care for them now. When I say I have to rebuild, I mean from scratch. In the last two weeks I've seen eight patients. I used to see eight in a morning," said Ruggiero.

KBTX did reach out to the medical board for further comment, but have not heard back.

You can read all of the boards findings by clicking here.