Bryan family to run orphanage in Uganda

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) -- After a week of sharing different ways that President George H.W. Bush dedicated his life to public service, a local family is giving up everything they know to give back to others.

Six kids make up the Laubach pack: Reagan, Kennedy, Carter, McKinley, Jackson and Lincoln. And at the center of it all, embracing the chaos, are parents Adam and Tricia.

"There's always a question of what's the need, how do we meet that need, and how does it impact our family?" said Adam Laubach.

They've settled into a comfortable life in Bryan, but now, they're packing it all up and heading across the world.

"We felt a very strong calling," Adam said.

They’re leaving everything they know for Uganda. Adam says they found that their true happiness doesn’t come from money or wealth.

"We've really found happiness when we've been giving back. Not everybody is called, but everybody is called to do something for their neighbors," Adam said.

The Laubauch's oldest daughter, Reagan, is partly responsible for introducing her family to the need in Uganda. She helped out at an orphanage there, and now, the Laubachs will run it.

"I hope that they feel loved and that they know that Jesus loves them. And they can bring that back to their communities and help spread that," said Tricia Laubach.

Adam and Tricia will now have 50 more children, new brothers and sisters to the Laubach kids that will teach them that service to others is a priceless gift.

"Leading by example is one of the best ways you can show love to people who are in different countries because I think love is the most powerful tool you can use," said Kennedy Laubach.

And teaching them that love from family can get you through anything.

"It's just a very big impact on others to show that God is with us and he will guide you through everything," said Carter Laubach.

The family will start their journey to Uganda next week, with the oldest daughter joining them after she graduates from Texas A&M in the spring.

For more information on the Amani Baby Cottage where the Laubach’s will be working, visit the link in the ‘Related Links’ section.