Bryan family raising money to help those without access to clean water

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) -- A Bryan family is looking to change the lives of those without access to clean water. They're using a small, everyday item to create custom jewelry and pendants.

"Anytime we come across bottle caps, we save them and then pull out the unique ones but then have buckets of bottle caps we didn't have plans for, we just had them," said Bob Rich of ZB Caps.

Bob and Alison Rich and their five kids are creating custom-made jewelry and accessories out of metal bottle caps. They were inspired after learning about children in other countries who don't have clean water to drink.

"Right now, we're just throwing the pebble in the pond and hope the ripples keep going," Bob said.

The Rich family started sponsoring a little boy named Angel in Bolivia who has to walk four miles just to get water.

"You're blessed to have this stuff, and we have this kid that we are helping out because they have to walk this far to get water, and you can walk to the sink and turn it on," Alison Rich said.

The family said it only costs $52 to build a well for clean drinking water.

"35 bottle cap pendants sold could basically create an opportunity for a well to be built in an entire village," Bob said.

Bob and Alison hope this small gesture teaches their kids that kindness has no borders, and you can make a huge difference with such a small token.

"We grow up thinking we need to dream big, i need to do huge endeavors when really it can start with something small. And you take that first step and it opens other doors and other opportunities to get to the big dreams," Alison said.

The rich family is still raising funds to get their small business started, but they're hoping to raise $18-thousand by the end of September. If you would like to donate to the Rich family's cause, visit the link in the Related Links section.