Bryan man busted for selling soap as crack

Published: Sep. 18, 2019 at 10:33 AM CDT
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A Bryan man is in jail after police say he cut up a bar of soap into small pieces and was selling it as crack cocaine.

On September 17, a Bryan Police officer stopped two men walking in the roadway near 1200 block of W. 17th St. He asked Darrin Fletcher, 42, and another man to stop, but they kept walking in the other direction.

After trying to get the men to stop, the officer grabbed Fletcher’s shirt and put him under arrest. Fletcher had a warrant for his arrest for an invalid driver’s license.

The officer found a plastic bag filled with a white rock-like substance on the ground where the men were standing, but both of them denied owning it. After checking dashcam video, the officer saw Fletcher drop the bag before being arrested.

Fletcher told the officer the substance was soap. Authorities say the substance came back negative for crack cocaine. Fletcher is charged with unlawful delivery or manufacture with intent to deliver simulated narcotics.

Fletcher also had a previous conviction for evading arrest from 1996.