Bryan man's weight loss journey to be featured on "My 600 lbs Life"

Published: Jan. 20, 2016 at 5:33 PM CST
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A Maryland man took a chance nearly a year ago, and moved his family from the east coast to Bryan.

They moved because at the time, Chad Dean weighed more than 700 lbs., now nearly a year later he's down to 400 lbs.

The surgery he underwent was performed in Houston, and Dean says the southern hospitality in Bryan helped him stay motivated and moving through his journey.

"I would do it again in a minute. To feel the way I feel now, and am hoping to feel six months from now. It's amazing, it's day and night," said Dean.

Chad's weight loss journey will be chronicled on the TLC show "My 600 lbs. Life".

"It gets depressing, said Dean. "I let myself go. I put on 200-300lbs within a year and half, two years. You just give up after a while."

Last year, Chad filled out an application for the show and moved to Texas without even knowing if he would be picked for the show. Luckily, he was.

"My legs were like 85 or 90 inches around at one time. I was in size eight to ten "X" shirts," explained Dean.

Now, having lost about 300 lbs, his life and relationships have turned around for the better.

"My daughter, she's prouder I can just see it in her face," said Dean.

Chad hopes his story will inspire others to get their life back.

Chad's goal is to get down to 250 lbs, but says he'll be happy wherever he ends up.

If you'd like to watch his journey, "My 600 lbs. life" will air tonight at 8pm on TLC.