Bryan mother learns to take time for herself after breast cancer diagnosis

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - The most important thing for Melissa Gonzalez is her family.

"These are my grandkids, Chloe Lilly Gabriel and Jace. This is my daughter Victoria who got into a&M she's a freshman at A&M right now."

Her walls are covered with important moments from their lives.

Melissa was actually caring for one of her daughters when she realized something was wrong.

"Well, I felt a lump and we were actually in the hospital in Austin with my youngest daughter. She had a teratoma tumor so we were there for about a month. So I kind of put it off, you know, being a mom."

Eventually, she got checked out. She was diagnosed with breast cancer right before Christmas.

Since then she's gone through chemo and 30 sessions of radiation, not to mention a double mastectomy. Melissa tried not to let it slow her down, but she didn't have a choice.

"We always went to all the games, even the out of town games. When I was diagnosed it was the beginning of soccer season so I didn't go to that many games. I made sure I went to senior night."

Melissa's husband has been by her side the whole time, and her entire family has rallied behind her.

She's still waiting for her reconstruction surgery and has to take medicine for the next 5 years, but Melissa is feeling hopeful.

Her biggest message? Take time for yourself.

"Everyone relies on me. I guess that's how it is in the family. I organize everything and get them where they need to be. And it's hard to not do that and take for myself but I know I need to," said Gonzalez.

Melissa should get her reconstructive surgery early next year.