Front porch package thief in Bryan neighborhood caught on tape

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX)- According to Bryan Police, last year there were a total of 20 reported stolen packages and so far this year there's been 9.

Ryan Hawkins, who lives off of Carter Creek Parkway, is one of this years victims who had nearly $200 worth of packages stolen from his front porch.

"We actually have a receipt saying that they were delivered and that was the first red sign when it said it was delivered so that's when we knew that something was up," said Hawkins.

He asked his neighbors across the street if they happen to have any footage of the delivery man dropping off their packages. Fortunately for him, they cameras caught the whole act on video.

The surveillance cameras show a white Chrysler drive up Hawkins' drive way. The car then sits there for a few seconds waiting for cars to pass by. The driver who is wearing an orange shirt then gets out of his vehicle and grabs the packages on the front porch.

"We had about like $200 worth of stuff that was shipped but it's not about the money, it's crazy that someone had the audacity to walk on your property without your permission and take something that's yours it's very very mind boggling," said Hawkins.

Hawkins says he plans on shipping his packages somewhere where he knows they will be safe.

"I hope this warns the community to you know of course lock your vehicles and bring your valuables inside but always be at home if you're expecting a package or delivery or have a neutral site, that's probably what we are going to do from now on," said Hawkins.

The theft is under investigation. If you recognize the person in that surveillance video you're urged to contact Bryan Police.

If you do have a package missing, police said after you confirm from the delivery company that it was delivered then you can make a report.