One in a melon talent: Bryan woman shares watermelon carving skills

BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Watermelon season is underway and a local woman is carving up melons that are almost too pretty to eat!

Bryan native Amy Peña carves intricate designs into the melons for birthday parties, baby showers, family reunions, and more. It all started when Peña wanted to contribute something different to her family gatherings. She saw a picture of a carved melon in a magazine and gave it a try herself.

She carved her first melon about four years ago and since then, it has become a passion of hers.

"This is an answer to my prayers. It solved so many things that I was worried about. It's therapeutic. I am making a little extra cash for the four grand kids that I have. There are just so many things it added to my life," explained Peña.

At first, she just prepared the creative fruit spreads for friends and family, but soon, she had requests from others and decided to start Mama's Melons. Depending on how intricate the design is, Peña said it takes her anywhere between two and five hours to carve each melon.

She usually only does one carved melon per day since most of the carving has to be done within hours of the event starting. She will continue to carve watermelons as long as they are in season, which is usually through August. Peña can also carve designs in pumpkins. She will start taking orders for them in October.

If you are interested in purchasing one of her carved melon fruit trays, you can give her a call (979) 224-4249 or contact her through her business Facebook page. There is a link to it under the Related Links section of this page.