Bryan woman warns others of scam callers claiming to be DirecTV

Published: Oct. 1, 2018 at 4:49 PM CDT
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A Bryan woman is sending out a warning to other DirecTV customers; beware of scammers. Jessie Jose claims she was involved in a scam that cost her hundreds of dollars.

Jose said everything about the calls and texts she was getting seemed legitimate. She didn’t have any suspicion that it was a scam.

"They went through the whole verification with the prompts, music, everything. They verified my phone number, my billing address, my bill amount, so I honestly thought it was DirecTV," Jose said.

Jose said the person on the other end of the line was offering a special for current customers. They said she could cut her bill in half, pay three months ahead of time, and wouldn't receive the bill until three months later.

"To me, I thought it wasn't a bad deal because they knew exactly how much I was paying a month, which is $200. I thought $100 a month is not bad, locked contract, okay," Jose said.

Jose wasn't speaking with DirecTV at all. She made the payment using an eBay gift card, but never saw the charge on her bill. When she tried to call the scammers back, the numbers were disconnected.

"Normally, when it is a scam, they'll change the numbers right away when they get the information they need," Jose said.

Jose is now out $300. She filed a police report, but Bryan police officers told her there might not be much they can do. Jose is hoping no one else falls victim to this same scam.

"At this point, I don't even want to make no payments online, over the phone, nothing like that because of this," Jose said.

DirecTV told Jose they've received calls from other customers about this same scam, but they don't know how the scammers got her personal information. KBTX reached out to DirecTV and AT&T for comment, but we haven’t heard back yet.