Buckle up, Brazos Valley. Temperatures take a wild ride next 72 hours

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - Enjoy the fresh fall feel that blew into the Brazos Valley this week?

Soak it up Wednesday morning. When the air conditioning clicks on Wednesday afternoon, do not be surprised.

The first round of seasonable air that moved into the Brazos Valley is replaced with a summertime feel once again as a south wind takes back over, ushered in by a warm front Wednesday.

Highs in the low 90s alongside a touch of humidity to make it feel stuffy. Not the most pleasant October feel around here Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

Snow is expected to fall from Idaho and Montana through sunrise Wednesday, dusting parts of the Dakotas and Nebraska by evening. Thursday that snowfall is expected to reach areas as far south of Denver, Colorado. In fact, Denver's forecast high Wednesday: 77°. By Thursday night a forecast low of 13° awaits the city.

A stout batch of Canadian air spills down the plains and into the Texas Panhandle by Thursday evening. The next cold front to reach the Brazos Valley is currently scheduled for breakfast Friday.

The current plan for the last day of the work and school week: sunrise temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70s that quickly crumble to the 50s on a brisk north wind huffing and puffing as high as 25mph or more at times.

A quick window of rain and a north wind that will have you digging through the closet for the coat you put away 5 months ago is in the works for Friday. More details for what to expect ahead and behind this next cold front are included in the video above.