Budweiser setting sights on the cosmos

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Budweiser is setting its sights on the cosmos. It wants to be the first beer on Mars. Next month, the company will send two beer experiments to the International Space Station to see how barley, a key ingredient, reacts in the micro-gravity environment.

Also trending, Dramatic CCTV footage has been released showing a woman being saved from rail tracks, just moments before a train arrives at a station in Melbourne, Australia. The footage shows the woman walking across the tracks on Tuesday and attempting to climb up to the platform. Three police officers rush to help her - and manage to pull her up only seconds before a train comes rushing into the station. It's not clear why the woman was on the tracks. Local media suggest she may have been under the influence of alcohol.

Lastly, an Iowa man turned a prank into an opportunity to help his community. Austin Hermsen says someone put his phone number on a fake craigslist ad. The ad promised he would give away 30 turkeys to families who called. After calls started rolling in, Hermsen says it broke his heart to hear how many people actually needed a turkey. So he and his friends rallied together and raised more than $1,300. They used the funds to buy full thanksgiving meals for 80 needy families. They now plan on making "Operation Give Birds" a yearly tradition. Hermsen says he now knows who created the fake craigslist ad and that person has since donated a turkey to help with the cause.