Buffered bikes lanes added along Finfeather Road in Bryan

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BRYAN, Tex. (KBTX) - The City of Bryan has added new buffered bikes lanes along Finfeather Road as part of a safety improvement program.

They have a partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation.

"The Finfeather improvements that we’ve done are part of Highway Safety Improvement program that TxDOT offers. Kind of like a grant program," said Bryan city engineer, Paul Kaspar.

The new lanes were added along the 4-mile stretch of Finfeather Road over the past month.

"It's a first for Bryan to have those. It was originally conceived as a way to promote and improve a safe travel for bicyclists from Texas A&M campus to Downtown Bryan," said Kaspar.

The changes are just a part of a $1 millionproject that the city is working on. Many of the funds are coming through the Highway Safety Improvement Program that the city is working with through TxDOT.

"The total project includes a lot of traffic signal improvements and replacements around town," said Kaspar. "We’re providing 20% of the construction dollars, and they’re (TxDOT) providing 80% through that program," said Kaspar.

They hope the new lanes provide a safer route for cyclists.

"It gives them just a little bit of room between their lane that they're travelling in and the motorists," said Kaspar.

A group called Courteous Mass BCS bikes to First Friday together every month. This time they took the new route.

"It was really great. It wasn't any stress at all. Just really good riding. Everyone had a great time," said Clayton Niemietz.

Niemietz says the new route may become the group's go-to.

"I think we may do it every ride now. I don't think too many people know about it though, but whenever it catches on there's going to be a lot of people going through," said Niemietz.

The city says the Finfeather corridor is almost complete. They are still planning to replace a traffic signal soon along the road soon.