Bundle up! Cold, rainy changes headed for the Brazos Valley Tuesday

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DECEMBER 4th, 2017 -- After an unseasonably mild start to December, a strong cold front is scheduled to reach the Brazos Valley ahead of sunrise Tuesday.

Rain / Thunderstorm Chance Early, Quick

A quiet night in the Brazos Valley pre-3am. Our highly anticipated cold front is slated to arrive in the northern reaches of the area by 3am to 4am.

As a north wind turns into the Brazos Valley, a quick line of rain and embedded, non-severe thunderstorms is expected to lead it in. Once the rain hits, temperatures start to drop 10°+ over the course of 30 to 60 minutes.

Spotty showers are possible at times Tuesday, but once the front moves south of the area, the rain chance should come to an end.

That is until Tuesday evening through Thursday morning. Light rain / drizzle / mist will be possible at times through the middle of the week.

Colder Air Spills In

Once the cold front reaches your backyard, expect a dramatic dip in temperatures. Mild upper 60s / low 70s are slated to drop to the low / mid 50s in the course of an hour or two.

Brisk north winds 10 to 20mph, gusting upwards of 25mph at times, along with cloudy skies, are set to hold afternoon highs to the mid / upper 50s.

Overnight temperatures fall to the mid 40s by Wednesday morning. If the forecast for on / off light rain / drizzle / mist holds, we may see most of the area struggle to break just 50° Wednesday afternoon. Factor in a (still) brisk wind & wind chill values may register in the upper 30s through the day.