Burleson County football team tackling mosquitoes

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Somerville, Tex. (KBTX)- According to Somerville High School Head Coach Darby House, the mosquitoes at practice and games are becoming a big 'bug'.

"You also had to worry about if you did squish them, the blood getting on the uniforms and having to clean it off," said House.

Superintendent Charles Camarillo said keeping the students covered is their number one priority

"You just don't know what they are carrying. I know that that hasn't necessarily come up, but, there is potential, and you see it in the news all the time, between Zika and West Nile," Said Camarillo.

But that's not the only issue that Yegua linebacker Joshua Urbanosky is worried about.

"I am allergic to mosquitoes, I start to swell, even when I don't scratch them," said Urbanosky.

Throughout the game and at practices when the mosquitoes get bad, Urbanosky said he sprays himself multiples times.

"We spray ourselves with Off and it helps some, until you sweat it off," said Urbanosky.

Which doesn't take long in the Texas heat.

Both Urbanosky and his teammate, Riley Elderidge, who is also allergic, said when they get bit, their arms and legs swell more than the anyone else on the team.

"It just makes your skin look weird and it's irritating and it's just annoying how we always have to deal with it," said Elderidge.

The teammates say allergy shots don't work, so, bug spray is their only option.

"We do have about three or four kids that are actually allergic, so we have to have them sprayed since they kind of get these big bites on their arms, it gets pretty bad," said House.

Coach House said they always make sure they keep a couple of can with them, especially when traveling to away games.