Burleson County pantries trying to restock during holidays

CALDWELL, Tex. (KBTX) -- Burleson County has three food pantries that serve their area and last year, the donations from the Food for Families Food Drive helped support them all year long until last month.

“I didn’t realize how desperate people were in this area to come in and get food until I started volunteering here,” said Pay Mynar, the pantry supervisor at Caldwell Christians Care.

Mynar sees firsthand how badly her hometown needs this food pantry, especially during the holidays.

“Everybody wants to have something for their meals and things, so we have a bigger influx of people coming in,” Mynar said.

There are three food pantries in Burleson County, but this one at Caldwell Christians Care serves 200 people a month.

“If they didn’t have a place to go, I think some of them would starve, and it’s sad to see that,” Mynar said.

This food pantry offers dry foods and frozen produce. Mynar says she wants everyone to feel comfortable coming in, no matter where they live.

“Most of the people live outside of the city, I would say, that come in that live in the remote areas of the county, and they come in,” Mynar said.

While many are getting in the giving spirit, she doesn’t want people to forget about the smaller areas in need, too.

“I’m overwhelmed with the donations that people in this community bring in to help service our business,” Mynar continued. “It’s a big need. It’s a real big need. You have the food drive in December and it’s obvious by the amount of donations we get.”

Burleson County raised over $26,000 at last year’s Food for Families Food Drive and more than 12,000 pounds of food was donated.