Burleson County residents react to severe weather damage

BURLESON COUNTY, Tex. (KBTX)- Residents in Burleson County say they woke up Saturday morning to damage and debris after an EF-1 tornado ripped through the city of Caldwell.

Somerville resident Matthew Huber works for Somerville ISD and says he couldn’t believe the damage he saw when he walked outside his home Saturday morning.

"This is an absolute mess. I mean, I live in town, and I work at the school, and the first thing I think when I see this is that this is a mess,” said Huber.

The Yegua Center in Somerville suffered damage after high winds tore parts of the roof off of the structure.

“It is a historical site so there is a process that goes into it fixing anything when it comes to this building. It holds sporting events and all the youth activities that go on in town take place right in here,” said Huber.

A few miles down the road, residents in Caldwell say they were clearing broken trees and debris.

Pat Brown says that she brought her grandsons over to help her clear her driveway after multiple trees in front of her home were ripped apart.

"They are helping us out, helping us get it out of our driveway, and we are just thankful that it is all that happened to us last night,” said Brown.

Brown says when the storm hit, she could hear the winds howling, and worried what might be going on outside. She says she is glad it wasn’t worse but is worried about what the rest of the year may have in store.

"I hope it’s not all like last night. My husband has been through the tornado in 2000 where some of his family members were killed, so we are very watchful of weather,” said Brown.

The National Weather Service surveyed the damage and said a tornado briefly touched down in Caldwell just after 9:30 p.m. Friday night. The tornado was on the ground for a minute with peak winds at 100 mph.