Bush School students anticipate Vice President's arrival

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - As the community prepares for the Vice President's arrival, students have also been looking forward to this opportunity.

The Bush School locked its doors early Friday to secure the premises, and students inside geared up to welcome some big guests onto the campus.

"I think it's a great opportunity for Bryan-College Station to be included in that and to celebrate what public service is and serving in the government, especially in the role of vice president," said Bush School student Tiffany Easter.

Easter graduates from The Bush School in May. She and her classmate, Christian Piñeiro say it’s a privilege to welcome so many prominent figures to Aggieland.

"I think it's a very noteworthy time that our class happened to come in the year that we lost both Barbara Bush and George Bush. It kind of set in stone the reality of what it really means to be a Bush student. It solidified that there's something bigger than ourselves here," Piñeiro said.

Both Easter and Piñeiro want to serve their country. They say meeting Vice President Pence, Cheney, and Quayle is an honor.

"We're about to enter into a big generation shift, so what would they tell us as people who are about to step into that role, and take leadership roles within the government. What would they tell us, what would their advice be?" Easter said.

They hope the vice presidents feel the love from Aggieland during their stay.

"Basically, showing off how great Aggies are, how great the Bush School is, and making them feel like family, because we are a family-oriented school,” Piñeiro said.

Most of The Bush School ambassadors will greet the vice presidents as they arrive on campus.