Bush School students win annual football game by 41 points before President’s passing

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) -- More stories are coming out about how the former president impacted lives in the Brazos Valley.

On Friday night, just hours before hearing the news that President George H.W. Bush had died, a group of Bush School graduate students played in their annual flag football game. There were some strange coincidences.

Before it started, the second-year students joked about beating the first-year by 41 points. The game ended in a score of 50 to 9.

A second year student said they didn’t realize how high they ran up the score, they just wanted the bragging rights this week. That's not where the irony stopped: The group took a photo after the game, also coincidentally, on the 41 yard line.

"It’s a really fun way that we as students go to celebrate him that night because it’s the Bush School annual football game, and it’s a fun way that we get to be part of that celebration on that night, and I just think it's really cool," said Bush School student Tiffany Easter.

Easter says they found out just a short time after the game ended that President 41 had passed away. She said it gave them all a chance to reflect on what it means to be a student at the Bush School, and appreciate the camaraderie between them all.