Local photographer remembers covering Barbara Bush

Published: Apr. 18, 2018 at 4:51 PM CDT
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"These are just a few prints," said Chandler Arden, as he shuffles through a pile of photographs.

Arden covered the Bushes in College Station for the last 25 years. From the groundbreaking at the Bush Library to hanging out with the Aggie Wranglers, he's seen a lot with the presidential couple.

"I go back to the family thing because they really treat any guest that they've had at their apartment as family," Arden shared.

Barbara was always known for her strong personality, something that's hard to miss in many of the photos Arden snapped.

"You can just see that look on her face and George Bush getting a laugh as well," said Arden.

It also wasn't unusual to see Mrs. Bush in front of a group of kids with a book in her hands. Arden said she had a way of remembering everyone she met, even if it was just for a moment.

"Out of all the people, I can't believe that she would remember the one or two times that she's met my daughter. That I even have a daughter, much less how's she doing, what she's into," Arden said.

Mrs. Bush had a unique style, sometimes wearing different shoes on purpose, even with celebrities on hand. Many times, she'd pull out her own camera to document her time in Aggieland.

"She's always got her little camera with her and would stop to take pictures if I was lining people up as they were greeting the president. She would stand right next to me and take pictures and I always thought 'man, she's got way better access than anybody else'," laughed Arden. He said it was always a huge honor and privilege to photograph events and being allowed into their home in College Station.

Arden said the last time he photographed the President and Mrs. Bush was at last November's library foundation vintner dinner and wine auction.