CLIMATE: Coldest average temps of the season are over

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex (KBTX) - Well, we did it. January 24th is the day we officially move out of the "coldest" part of the season and begin the march toward spring.

In other words, the average highs and lows from December 20th through January 23rd are 61° and 41° respectively, where January 24th has the average high of 62° for Easterwood Airport in College Station.

When you often hear us refer to the weather as "seasonable", this is what we mean. In terms of climate, we're near the mean high and low over the past 30 years or so. Coincidentally, we've been seasonable for much of this week, with lows a touch lower than average and highs a bit higher thanks to this dry airmass we've had in place.

Don't put the coats in jackets into storage yet, though! We're still prone to cold snaps, even here in the Brazos Valley, well into March and April. In fact, the all time record low temperature recorded for College Station occurred outside the current lowest average temperature.

Said record was an absolutely frigid three degrees below zero in 1949.

"Normal" or "Average" is denoted by the 30 year average temperature measurements from 1981-2010.