CSISD discuss rebranding middle schools

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex (KBTX) - The rebranding of College Station middle schools was discussed at the the school district's board meeting Tuesday night.

Board members spoke on altering colors, mascots, jerseys and even the names of both A&M Consolidated and College Station Middle Schools.

The school board no longer wants the middle schools and high schools to have corresponding colors schemes and mascots.

"This came up because of the rezoning," said school board President Valerie Jochen. "We will have three middle schools in the next school year and we only have two high schools. If you go to CSMS you have a 50/50 chance of wearing purple or maroon."

The third middle school is Welborn Middle School, which will first open its doors to students next school year.

It's still early in the process, when discussing the price tag at the meeting one estimate went as high as 2.2 million. However, that is if the school board approves every rebrand proposal on the table.

There were dissenters to spending the money on new colors and mascots.

"We may have to hire more staff at the high school," says Jeff Harris, CSISD School Board Vice President. "That seems like a much better use of the funds to me."

However, some hold that for the two years in middle school the colors, mascots and jerseys give the students a sense of pride.

“You know if I am in seventh or eighth grade its worth it," says Jochen. "I think it is important to feel good about the school that I go to.”

CSISD wants feedback from both parents and students on what the future mascots and colors will be. The district will have online surveys to help make a decision.