CSISD projects possible impact of new charter school on enrollment

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - With the opening of a new charter school, College Station ISD is preparing for a potential hit to its enrollment and budget.

Tuesday, the district hosted a presentation from a demographer who outlined what type of impact a charter school would have on the school district.

International Leadership of Texas will be the first charter school to directly affect enrollment at College Station ISD. The new school is under construction near Graham Road and Longmire Drive. It’s scheduled to open fall 2018.

"We focus on three languages, from kinder through twelfth grade all of our kids will learn English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese," said Eddie Conger Founder of IL of Texas.

The Charter school expects 1,200 to 1,400 students to enroll by the fall. Some of those children will likely come from College Station, a reality CSISD officials will financially have to prepare for.

"As you know we’re funded on a per-pupil basis so the fewer students we have the less money we get," said CSISD Spokesman Chuck Glenewinkel. “The district is considered property wealthy and with fewer students, our recapture payment of local tax dollars to the state could increase.”

Glenewinkel says it’s too early to know what those numbers would be.

The district's demographer told the board of trustees there are three ways a new charter school could impact CSISD.

"A no charter impact, a charter impact and a low charter impact," said Rocky Gardiner of Templeton Demographics.

According to Gardiner’s findings if the new charter school is successful CSISD could lose more than 300 students this fall.

The district says it will use the researchers' low impact projection which predicts the district won't see much growth in the fall and they'll use that data when building next year's budget.

"Those numbers could go up or down we really don't have a good clue of how it's going to impact us but you know it could impact us and we're preparing for it to impact us,” said Glenewinkel.

Gardiner says it’s hard to predict exactly how enrollment will go because there is nothing to base the data on since there has never been a charter school in College Station before.

IL of Texas will open their K through 8th grade College Station campus in the fall and plan to open another K-8 in Bryan. There are also plans to build a high school in the future.