CSISD votes to approve rebrands of two middle schools

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COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - After months of discussion, the College Station Independent School District unanimously voted to approve the rebrand for two of its middle schools during a board meeting Tuesday night.

College Station Middle School and A&M Consolidated Middle School will have new colors, graphics, mascots, and uniforms.

The goal of the rebrand is to allow for students to have clear identities when they attend middle school. Board members say they don't want identities to conflict with which high school the students will eventually attend.

The vote comes after CSISD received feedback on the issue when they asked the public to fill out an online survey.

According to school board officials, all costs associated with the rebrand will total at approximately $1.7 million. However, much of that deals with maintenance costs, which would be paid for regardless of how the board decided to vote. The rebrand will bring about $230,000 in new costs out of the $1.7 million, like uniforms and graphics.

At Tuesday's meeting, CSISD made it clear that the rebrand has nothing to do with any future rezoning.

School board members say students will be given a considerable amount of input into what their future mascot and colors will be.