Caldwell ISD Health Science Program helps students get ahead in medical field

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CALDWELL, Tex. (KBTX) Caldwell High School is helping its students get ahead in the medical field.

Deanie Gold worked to help start the Health Science Program at Caldwell back in 2004. She now oversees the EMT program.

"I've been teaching here in Caldwell for 30 years and was approached by our curriculum director asking about health science courses that we didn't have at that time, and was asked if I would be interested in teaching those, because I was an EMT. That's what really started the program, was our local volunteer EMS service needed help," said Gold.

The EMT program gives students the knowledge they need for their national exam. Nina bowser is in the course now.

"I already had a lot of patient care. I've been working in the nursing home and we've been doing our clinical for EMT. So, I’ve been interacting with a lot of patients and I know a lot more than someone who would go straight in,” said Bowser.

Bowser also became a Certified Nursing Assistant through Caldwell ISD. She and other former CNA students currently work at Copperas Hollow Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

"They're kind of lonely and you make them feel at home and welcome. And you make them feel a lot better. It's really nice working with them and making them feel better," said Bowser.

Gold says she loves seeing her students use what they have learned inside the classroom, to help others in their community. The EMT students will assist Brazos County first responders at Chilifest this weekend.

"Our students are all cleared to ride on ambulances with the staff. And so in the event that patients need to be transported, which last year there were 20-something that needed to be transported from Chilifest, our students ride with them and provide care in the ambulance,” said Gold.

The CNA program is in its third year. So far the school has a 100 percent pass rate.