Caldwell School District forms foundation to help teachers

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CALDWELL, Tex. (KBTX)- Caldwell Independent School District and the parents of its students are looking to lend teachers a helping hand by starting the Caldwell Education Foundation.

The foundations goal is to raise enough money through fundraisers so that teachers, from Kindergarten to High School, no longer have to spend part of their own paycheck on supplies.

"Me personally, I spent three thousand dollars of my own money," said Caldwell first grade teacher Lindi Herford, when asked how much money she used on supplies for her classroom.

"Teachers put in so much of their own time, money, and effort," said Marsha Kocurek, a parent of a student at Caldwell Elementary.

Kocurek is trying to get the foundation off the ground.

"There are resources out here that we can pull from to help them in our classrooms better serve our kids," said Kocurek

Bigger school districts like Bryan and College Station ISD have foundations of their own. Now Caldwell says it is their turn.

"I see grant opportunities available multiple times a year for teachers," said Erin Supak, Principal at Caldwell Elementary. "I see opportunities for our communities to be involved in our schools and support us."

"Teachers give their hearts their souls everything for this job it takes so much from them personally," said Kocurek. "I think that we should use this foundation not only to grant money towards the classrooms, but also to reward and inspire them to do more and help out kids more."

The foundation is looking for a lot of help getting off the ground, and are asking for volunteers.

Their first meeting is October 30, at 5:30 p.m. at 203 North Gray Street.