Caldwell community reacts to voters approving school bonds

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CALDWELL, Tex. (KBTX) - Caldwell ISD is celebrating a big win at the ballot box.

Voters approved two separate bond propositions Tuesday night totally almost $40 million.

The last time voters approved a bond there Bill Clinton was still president.

It means improvements will be coming throughout the district including about $20 million to the high school.

Students working in Culinary Arts at Caldwell ISD could soon see new facilities.

"We're going towards having a full culinary kitchen and that way they'll be full stainless and maybe help the kids that want to go more into the restaurant business," said Lindsay Krueger, Caldwell High School Culinary Arts Teachers.

She tells us they have around 80 students in the cooking program now.

"This is great for Caldwell. I get phone calls all the the time about families wanting to move to Caldwell. What do you offer? Well now we've got the greatest opportunity to say how many wonderful things we're going to be having in the next couple of years," said
Janice Easter, Caldwell High School Campus Secretary.

"I do believe it was a lot more getting it out there to the voters. Letting them know what all we were planning on doing as a board. Getting more information out," said Pam Evans, a school board member who has grandchildren in the district.

"We were very active through news media. We were active through sending out brochures, having several community meetings where the members of the community would come and voice their opinion," she said.

The district expects to raise the tax rate in phases.

"We can do that by not borrowing all the money until we need it," said Andrew Peters, Caldwell ISD Superintendent.

Peters says the bond will last for 20 to 25 years.

"I think long term for the City of Caldwell, for the growth of Caldwell, for the kids of Caldwell this is going to be a great thing, because it's going to position us for any future growth," he said.

The district plans to hire an architect this month.

Construction projects for the bonds are expected to start next fall.