Calvert community comes together to repair home students live in

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CALVERT, Tex. (KBTX )- The Calvert School District took learning to a local neighborhood this weekend.

Students, teachers and lots of volunteers had a lesson in helping others.

A home on West Garrett Street needed some work. The school district set up a community service day after learning students that live inside the home needed their house fixed.

"Well the house has been in pretty bad shape for a while," said Nancy Huffman, the homeowner.

The roof was leaking, allowed water to get inside.

People of all ages from students to teachers worked side by side making repairs outside the home.

"It's just a great thing I mean we help each other all day long at school so you know we want to be close with the community," said Donna Randazzo, a Calvert ISD 2nd Grade Teacher.

When KBTX asked Amaurii Wells why she wanted to help, she replied,

"So I can learn... Help pick up trash and pass out drinks," said Wells, who is a student in Donna Randazzo's class.

"We came out as a community to help someone that was in need. The thing is that's in Calvert we're family first," said Tredarian Kinney, with the 979 Rough Riders.

“We’re helping clean up after they took down all the shingles and just definitely trying to make sure this lady gets the help that she definitely needed," said Cory Slade, with the Men of Calvert Mission.

"Had one of my students talked to me about the danger in the house with water leaking, and sheetrock falling and possibly scared that it would hurt his grandma," said Dr. Thyrun Hurst with Calvert ISD.

Hurst got his family remodeling business, contractors, businesses, and people to spend their Saturday here. He also sees it as a lesson.

"When I can touch your heart, other than impact your brain that's what's meaningful," said Hurst. "The kids are going to remember that and it's being able to connect to the social and the emotional part of learning which just means a lot," he said.

"Oh I think it’s great that everybody came out to help, and volunteering, thank what that they’re doing. Thankful for all the people that are donating. Just want to thank everybody they are doing a great job," said Essence Gillmore.

"I think they're doing a really good job and I thank them for helping us," said Huffman.

Volunteers hope to do a follow-up project and fix up the inside of the home.

If you'd like to help with future projects, you can contact the Calvert school office at (979) 364-2824.

Other Groups that helped with the project included Hurst Remodeling and Construction, The Home Depot, Men of Calvert, Contractor's Maintenance Solutions, Brooks Maintenance, Calvert, TX Trail Riders, and the 979 Trail Rider Group.