Calvert man accused of exposing himself to children, resisting arrest

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CALVERT, Tex. (KBTX) - A Calvert man is in jail accused of exposing himself to children and resisting arrest.

Calvert Police believe 36-year-old Teterick Grimes was high on PCP when the incident happened. It made for a disturbing scene in Calvert Wednesday at a neighborhood in the 800 block of West Texas Street.

Police say Grimes was high when he started exposing himself to children asking, "Do you like it?"

"To me, it's upsetting because there's school children in this neighborhood," said Lawanna Clark.

She has met Grimes before and lives nearby. Clark said she saw police arrive to make the arrest. Police say he was combative.

"A guy passing said he had been on the drug "wet." He was full of that stuff and he came across the highway and was walking unsteadily and the police stopped him," said Clark.

Calvert Police Chief Mike Hoyt said Grimes resisted being arrested by two of his officers. The officers had to use their tasers. Court documents show the taser wasn't effective and Grimes had constant mood swings.

He's also accused of spitting on an officer once in the patrol car. After he was taken to the hospital to be checked out, Grimes was transported to jail. Clark hopes Grimes can get some help.

"This guy evidently took his clothes off, so I said ooh, wee, so I came inside we both came inside and closed the door," she said.

Grimes is also facing charges for public intoxication and assault on a public servant. His bond has not been set.